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8AM - 2PM

Kids Brain Health Network (KBHN) would like to invite partners and interested parties (researchers, families) to join us for a Workshop on November 9th 2017, the day after the Brain-Child-Partners conference, to explore the points of intersection between the needs of organizations that serve kids with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families and the knowledge being developed by KBHN researchers. We will see examples of effective partnerships that are flourishing between our investigators and a range of collaborators.

We invite you to engage with the top Canadian researchers in developmental neurosciences for a practical discussion about partnerships. We will be there to listen and learn about your needs in screening and diagnosis, targeted treatment, support for families and other priorities that benefit children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, and explore how current and prospective Kids Brain Health researchers and organizations focused on supporting service delivery to children and families can collaborate to address unmet needs and priorities through impactful partnerships.


We need your help to understand how to best engage your organization with the country’s top researchers in helping you better meet the needs of customers and clients. We realize that there is often a disconnect between what research is finding and what your organization wants to deliver. This workshop is designed to help narrow that gap.

This workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Joseph Ferenbok, Director of the Translational Research Program (TRP) at the University of Toronto. TRP specializes in helping people, including experienced professionals, who see problems and solutions, but don't know how to move projects forward. 

The day will begin with a discussion around defining what “needs” mean to the different stakeholder present. We will then break into groups to explore the practical application of partnerships as a means to addressing needs.

Benefits to participating in the workshop: 

  • Better define and express your own needs
  • Get feedback on your priorities from families 
  • Discuss how to collaborate with us moving forward



For more information or to register, please email